Family Hike

Taylor and I love hiking. I even did this crazy hard 7 mile hike when I was 3 months pregnant.



When I found out I was having twins I thought it would be a while after having the babies before we could go hiking again. But ever since the babies were about a week old we have been going on family walks and yesterday we went for our first family hike. It was a beautiful hike to one of the most beautiful places, Hamilton Pool near Austin Texas. We had done this hike when we were visiting Austin for my husbands interview back in May, when I was three months pregnant.

20140223-111014.jpg Here’s a photo of when we did the Hamilton Pool hike when I was three months pregnant and then a picture of the same hike yesterday and the babies are three months old.

Yesterday was a beautiful 75 degrees and a perfect day for a family hike.





Make time

There’s a funny thing that happens when you become a mom.
You become a mom
I absolutely love this new addition to my identity. I love my sweet angels. I love everything about them and everything I am now because of them. They have made me more patient, more selfless, more gracious, more joyful, and so much more.

This weekend I played soccer. It was the first thing I have done for myself since the twins were born that I did before I was a mom. It was awesome. I now understand why moms say it’s important to have ‘me time.’ It reminded me that although being a good Christian wife and mother is my top priority and always will be, that I can still have a hobby and do something I love. I am incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband who supports me and comes and watches me play and takes care of the babies and a wonderful family who also came.

I would recommend for every new mom to find something you loved doing before you became a mom and try and make time for it. It will refresh you so you can really be the best wife and mother you can possibly be.

(After my game on Saturday)

Along these same lines I would also recommend to new parents to remember to still do things you did before you became parents. Taylor and I have always been total goof balls. We like to have funny face contests to see who can make a funnier face. We used to do this all the time, and last night we decided to do it again. We were making each other laugh so hard. It’s easy to forget to make time for these little things because your exhausted but honestly those 5 minutes of cracking each other up brought me so much joy and made me feel like we were silly high schoolers all over again.


So let’s try this week to find a little time to do something for yourself and find time to do something silly with your husband.

Love is…

A few blogs I read are listing what love looks like in their marriage. So I thought I’d join in. There is no way I could include everything so I decided to do 5 things I do to try and show my husband love and 5 things he does that show me love. I would love to do this each year and see which stay the same and which change as our life changes. (Hopefully the babies will be sleeping through the night by next valentines day.)

1. Let him sleep all night while I wake up with the babies

2. Take the babies downstairs so he can sleep in and make him coffee and breakfast on his days off

3. Try and be interested in his hobbies like video games

4. Send him love notes and texts

5. Tell him I love him multiple times a day


1. Always kisses me when he gets home and before he leaves

2. Prays with me every day and always thanks God for me and the babies

3. He is silly and playful with me, like he picks me up over his shoulder and fun things like that

4. He tells me I’m a good mom and that he appreciates me, and cute little things like he has a crush on me

5. He is amazingly helpful with the babies and tells me to take naps when it’s been a hard night

In what ways do show each other love??? I would love to hear.

Valentines Day 2014

I love love. I love being in love. I love showing my love. I love people showing me their love. I love it all. So naturally I would love Valentines Day. This Valentines day was extra special because I now have three valentines.

My wonderful husband:


And my sweet baby girls:


This was Taylor and my 8th Valentines Day together, but our first Valentines with children. We celebrated the day before. He loves to surprise me. He got me beautiful red roses and he told me to be ready to leave by 3:45pm. My awesome mom came over to watch the babies and we headed out the door. He took me to froyo and to Target and told me to pick out some new clothes! swoon Target is the way to my heart. It was awesome. And then he made reservations at our favorite restaurant. Where we got a lovely dinner and the yummiest dessert. Yes we got froyo before dinner and then still got dessert. Target and sugar are the way to my heart.

What a wonderful husband.

This is right before we headed out the door. (PS I love when Taylor dresses the babies, he picked out Abbeys outfit)

I love my husband more today than the day I married him. I love my sweet baby girls. I love my life. I am so blessed.

Happy Valentines Day!!

The balancing act

By the title of this you’re probably thinking this post is about how to balance life with twins or maybe how to balance being a new mom and a good wife or possibly some expert advice on how to balance it all, but I am not wise enough or experienced enough to write a post about that yet. This post is about an internal struggle I’ve been having ever since becoming a mom or I guess ever since I got pregnant. And I hope if any one else feels the same struggle you can know your not the only one and maybe we can help each other.

The struggle:

Being grateful and knowing I’m blessed but at the same time being real and honest about how tough things are sometimes.

Ok that might not make sense. Let me try and put it another way.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or like I’m complaining so sometimes I only talk about the blessings and good things that come with being a new mom to twins and therefore I feel like I’m not being ‘real’ or totally honest.

I wonder if this makes sense.

Or if anyone else struggles with this.

Let me give an example and see if that helps. When someone says something like ‘oh wow newborn twins that must be hard’ I will generally say something like, ‘actually I really love it, it’s so fun to have two babies and we are very blessed because they are healthy babies’ and don’t get me wrong all of that is true. But remember when you were little and your mom would say ‘not telling the whole truth is the same as lying.’ Now if it was just a random person commenting on my new babies, (which happens all the time) then obviously I don’t need to go into anymore detail but if it’s a close friend or another new mom I feel as though I’m hiding something. Being a new mom to twins is great and wonderful and an amazing blessing, however it is also very challenging. So here’s where I don’t know what to do.

If I don’t say how it’s challenging and only say positive things then I seem fake like I live in some pampers commercial where my babies don’t cry and they fall asleep the second I set them down. Which is by no means true.

However if I do start saying how challenging it is then I fear I will come off as complaining and being ungrateful, because I know there are many women who wish they could get pregnant and have a baby and I don’t want to seem like I take any of this for granted because I am grateful and I thank God everyday for my sweet angels.

So how do you balance?

You don’t have to be a new mom to twins to relate, it could be about your job that your grateful for but is really hard or school or anything.

Being grateful and yet really honest about the blessings and challenges of your life?

Good friends are a gift from God

I have been truly blessed with amazing friends, both old and new.

Within the last couple weeks my 4 best and oldest friends have come to Texas to visit and meet the twins.

First Sam came from Minnesota on Jan 11. We had such a wonderful time playing with the babies and showing her around Austin.

Lunch at Gueros in South Congress Austin

Walked around Zilker Park



And then Johanna and Kendra flew in from San Diego on Jan 29th.

We spent the first day going to hobby lobby and doing crafts.


The next morning we did a fun little photo shoot of the babies.





Then we went over to my sisters house so Jo and Ken could see her new house and as we are giving them a tour I open the door to my nephews room and Jillian, (another best friend from back home) is standing there! They surprised me! I had no idea she was coming!! You may not know this about me but I am probably one of the hardest people on the planet to surprise. But they got me! It was so fun! I screamed so loud that Taylor thought someone died. Hahah.

We headed up to Georgetown a cute little town squares with shops, and my new friend Erin met us there. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Georgetown and then had dinner at El Monumento. So yummy!


Saturday we went to the Cedar Park farmers market, which is so awesome! And then headed down to Austin. Considering the babies hate the car they did an amazing job.


Jo was the baby whisperer

We walked around Zilker Park. (This is where we take all out of town guests apparently haha)





We then went to South Congress and walked around and had a snack and then headed home for a little break and then headed out to meet my dad and sister for Saltlick BBQ.

I am so blessed with such wonderful friends. And an amazing husband who drove us around, took care of us, and puts up with our shenanigans. I love you all.


3 months old

The twins are 3 months old! For some reason this 3 month birthday is hitting me hard. They are getting so big. Yesterday I had to take all their newborn clothes and put them away because they don’t fit anymore. Someone please slow down time. It’s such a weird feeling, wanting babies to grow and learn and at the same time I try and squeeze them so hard that they can’t get any bigger haha.

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 12 lb 8 oz

Harper Grace
Weight 13 lb 1 oz

What the twins are wearing
Both babies are too big for newborn clothes. They are wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3 month clothes.

For the first 2.5 months I fed the babies at the same time all day and night. But I have now sometimes started feeding them one at a time. I love it. When feeding both at the same time it’s like work. When feeding one at a time it’s like a wonderful bonding experience. So right now I just feed them when their hungry, so if they are hungry at the same time then I feed them at the same time, if one is hungry then I just feed that baby. I do this during the day and at night. Some nights it bites me in the butt because they will wake up every two hours but on opposite hours so I end up feeding one baby every hour, but they are starting to go longer stretches of sleeping at night so it’s fine.

The babies typically wake up around 8am eat, play and are extremely happy and full of smiles for a couple hours. Then around 10:30 they eat again and take a nap. They either fall asleep nursing or we rock them after they finish nursing. During naps sometimes we put them in their rock and plays sometimes we hold them. At this nap they will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then they wake up eat again and are awake for a couple hours then eat and then take another nap, and this pattern continues all day until around 7:30 when we do bedtime routine. We come upstairs change diapers, put on jammies, swaddle, put on sound machine, turn off the lights, nurse babies. The babies ideally fall asleep while nursing and then we put them in their rock and plays, which happens maybe once a week. Usually at least one baby will wake up and need to eat more or be rocked, which can go on for hours. But the nice thing is they are starting to sleep longer at night. Most nights Harper will wake around 3am to eat and Abbey will wake around 5am and then Harps around 6am and Abs around 8am and Harps around 8am too. Having that first long stretch of sleep is super awesome. And they babies will wake up, eat for about 10 minutes but fall right back to sleep and I put them right back in their rock and plays. It’s great!

The babies love their activity mat. They love looking at each other. They love looking at their hands. They love smiling. They love trying to sit up. And love listening to music, either worship music, their mobile music, pretty much anything.

The babies have recently taken a liking to their activity mat. I can lay them down on it and usually they will both be content for about 15-20 which is great for me because then I can use that time to shower or make a smoothie or start laundry. My favorite accomplishment of this month is that they figured out the each other exist. They stare at each other and Abbey always smiles at Harper. They even coo and seem like they are talking to each other it’s so fun!!

I decided to add challenges because Lord knows that with growing and new accomplishments also includes new and different challenges. The last few nights both babies have been really hard to put to sleep at bedtime. It has taken over 2 hours to get them both asleep. I am thinking we might be starting to put them in their cribs and doing Cry it Out pretty soon because something is not working if it’s taking us 2 hours to get them to sleep. Another challenge is that the babies hate riding in the car. There was a couple weeks when they were fine in the car so I thought we out grew the car hatred but it is now back in full force. Abbey cried for over an hour on the way back from a friends house the other day. They get so upset and do that screaming angry cry and by the time we get home their clothes are soaked in sweat. It’s so sad and I wish I knew how to fix it so if you have any advice send it my way.

Here is their weekly pictures:







My sweet, content, patient Abbey Lynn with her adorable smirk smile


My spunky, picky pants, determined, incredibly joyful Harper Grace had the most excited full face smile you will ever see

20140202-202041.jpg she does it 100 times a day but as soon as I take my phone out to take a picture she stops. She’s a little camera shy so this is the best picture I have of it.

They are both such good babies and this month being their mom has become so much easier and so much more fun. They are always smiling and cooing and happy, unless they are hungry, tired, or in the car. I love them so much and it’s so fun to see how they are already becoming best friends.