Make time

There’s a funny thing that happens when you become a mom.
You become a mom
I absolutely love this new addition to my identity. I love my sweet angels. I love everything about them and everything I am now because of them. They have made me more patient, more selfless, more gracious, more joyful, and so much more.

This weekend I played soccer. It was the first thing I have done for myself since the twins were born that I did before I was a mom. It was awesome. I now understand why moms say it’s important to have ‘me time.’ It reminded me that although being a good Christian wife and mother is my top priority and always will be, that I can still have a hobby and do something I love. I am incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband who supports me and comes and watches me play and takes care of the babies and a wonderful family who also came.

I would recommend for every new mom to find something you loved doing before you became a mom and try and make time for it. It will refresh you so you can really be the best wife and mother you can possibly be.

(After my game on Saturday)

Along these same lines I would also recommend to new parents to remember to still do things you did before you became parents. Taylor and I have always been total goof balls. We like to have funny face contests to see who can make a funnier face. We used to do this all the time, and last night we decided to do it again. We were making each other laugh so hard. It’s easy to forget to make time for these little things because your exhausted but honestly those 5 minutes of cracking each other up brought me so much joy and made me feel like we were silly high schoolers all over again.


So let’s try this week to find a little time to do something for yourself and find time to do something silly with your husband.


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