Texas Blue Bonnets

Texas is beautiful. When I lived in California and someone mentioned Texas I envisioned flat, boring, ridiculously hot, dry places. However now that I love here I am in awe of it’s beauty. From the Hill country to the natural rivers, to Hamilton Pool to my all time favorite Blue Bonnets. They are the most amazing picturesque display of Gods creativity. So naturally we decided that every Easter we will take family pictures in the blue bonnets. I love pictures and I love Gods beautiful creation so this was a perfect fit.

Harper Grace with the White flower and Abbey Lynn has the Pink flower.

They are almost 6 months old. (I can’t even talk about it, because I’ll start to cry)




My mom had the great idea to do a reenactment of a picture of one of my pregnancy photos!

Just chillin kickin my sister in the face



What they’re wearing. Shirts from carters. Baby pink and orange jeans from Target. Moccs from Groopdealz.

Thanks to my husbands best friend Nick for taking these beautiful pictures.


5 month update

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 15lb 6oz

Harper Grace
Weight 15 lb 11oz

What the twins are wearing
The girls are now wearing 6 month clothes! And some 6 months clothes are too small! Like the rompers, which are my favorite, don’t fit them because their legs are too chubby I can’t button them!! Haha I love it! So I have to buy 9 month rompers for my 5 month old twins. Who would’ve thought!

The babies still eat about every two hours during the day. If I’m feeding them to put them down for a nap or at bedtime I feed them both at the same time other wise I just feed them one at a time whenever they are hungry. At night now we are down to one feeding each!! Most nights at least. Oh yes and the babies now eat solids! I made my own baby food. I mashed up avocado and mixed it with breast milk, puréed apple and mixed it with breast milk, and did the same with carrots and sweet potatoes. The babies love it! I have started to add a little rice cereal so the babies can get some iron. But Abbey hates it.


We finally put the babies in their cribs!! We decided once we started in their cribs they would always sleep in their cribs, at night and naps. (Unless we aren’t home obviously) The first night was a little rough. Harper cried for almost an hour but Abbey fell right to sleep no crying, she’s a champion sleeper. But ever since the first night it has been such an amazing difference and blessing. We do our bedtime routine around 6:30 and put the babies in their cribs by 7 and they sleep about 7-8 hours wake up to eat and then sleep another 5-6 hours, and normally wake up around 8am. It’s truly wonderful. Also they are even napping better. They now nap around 10am and 2pm for about an hour, I’m hoping they start napping longer but hey I’ll take what I can get. They sometimes wake up after napping for about half an hour and fuss but typically go back to sleep after about 10 minutes. We have only been doing this for about 4 days but so far so good. And it’s also quite wonderful having our bedroom back for just us.

The babies still love their bumbos be their sohpiethegiraffe. They now love when the other one laughs, if Abbey laughs it makes Harper smile and vice versa it’s pretty darn precious. I wouldn’t say it’s their favorite but they finally don’t cry in the stroller!! Woohoo! It might be because I stuff pretty much every you we own in with them but hey gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Harper Grace has two bottom teeth. Abbey Lynn has one tiny tooth on the bottom. Both babies can pretty much sit on their own but they think it’s funny to fling themselves backwards so I never let them sit alone. Harper rolls from back to belly, but the silly goose that started rolling from belly to back at 2 months has forgotten how to roll from belly to back so she get to her belly and after a couple minutes gets frustrated that she can’t remember how to get back haha. And she pivots around her mat. Abbey get almost all the way from back to belly but can’t figure out how to get her arm through so she just chills there half rolled over, it’s pretty funny.

The babies still don’t like their car seats. But honestly I love 5 months. The babies are so fun and the fact that they are sleeping better makes it even better. I guess the challenge this month is getting the babies to adjust to the new sleeping schedule and sleeping in their cribs.

My Favorite
My favorite this month was feeding the babies for the first time it was so fun and entertaining. I feel so blessed that God choose me to teach these little angels how to do life and even simple things like how to eat, it’s so fun watching them grow and learn.


Weekly Pictures





Favorite pictures

20140403-145525.jpg We went to Mt Bonnell



Daddy’s girl>

Abbeys new cute face

Texas Blue Bonnets>


Harper Grace >





First day of Spring>

Sweet Abbey>