6 month update

Six months. Six months. SIX MONTHS! Holy cow. How did this happen. My tiny 5 pound babies are now ginormous. I don’t even understand how they are half a year old already. Everyday I thank The Lord for giving these sweet angels to Taylor and I. They are such fun, happy, wonderful, little adventures that I enjoy more and more everyday.

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 16lb 15oz

Harper Grace
Weight 17lb 1oz

What the twins are wearing
The girls are still pretty much wearing size 6 month clothes and also size 9 month clothes. Their growth seems to have slowed down a bit which I know is normal for around this time.

The babies now can go longer than two hours between feedings during the day! Yay! They will go 3 sometimes almost 4 hours in between feedings during the day which makes running errands a lot easier. Also they typically only eat once a night, occasionally twice a night. We still give the one solid meal a day at dinner time. They have either, avocado, carrot, apple, sweet potato, and now I’ve added squash which they aren’t too sure about yet. I still am adding a little rice cereal to help them get iron because I am right on the edge of being anemic and now that they are 6 months they no longer have the supply they are born with.

The babies are still doing the same with sleeping, going down around 6 waking up usually once and then sleeping til about 7-8am. The last couple nights and naps have been a little rough for miss Harper Grace because they are teething and it always seems to effect her more. Poor thing lays in her crib gnawing on the side of it for a good 15-20 minutes before she goes to sleep. She actually gnaws on it any chance she gets.


The babies new favorite thing is rolling around, especially Harper. Abbey is just now figuring it out but it is a lot more work for her because of her torticollis. But Harper can get pretty much anywhere she wants by rolling and pivoting around. They also both love the little dollies my mom got for them for Easter. Thanks momma. And they love reaching for everything. This is taking a while for my husband and I to adjust. We continue to forget and then leave things within their reach, like a full blender that Harper reached and knocked off the counter spilling it all over the floor, and a vase of sunflower and Harper knocked over and spilled all over the floor. Haha. Hopefully soon we will learn. They also love sitting in high chairs when we go out. They love being able to look around and all the attention that they get from everyone around us. And they love when daddy gives them belly kisses.



20140503-093023.jpgBoth girls have two bottom teeth and are cutting some more because the poor things have been so fussy and in pain and gnawing on everything in sight. They can both sit up pretty well but they still sometimes like to fling back so I am always with them. They are both trying to talk but my sweet AbbeyLynn is a total chatterbox like her momma. My guess is that Harper will walk first and Abbey will talk first. They are making all different sounds now. But their favorite is to make the sound like you are gulping for air/ or like a donkey. Haha I don’t know how else to describe it but they will lay in their cribs when they wake up and do this for like 5 minutes. It’s pretty hilarious.

I know I say this every month but this stage is so fun! They are more easily entertained by themselves and with each other so I can lay them on a blanket while I fold laundry, which is awesome. The challenge currently is teething. It’s strange cutting the first two teeth didn’t seem to bother them that much but these new teeth they are getting must be huge because they are miserable poor babies. At our 4/5 month check up the Dr was looking at Abbey’s thighs and noticed one is chubbier than the other. One leg has an extra roll. I literally laughed when he mentioned this but he said it could be a sign of hip dysplasia and recommended we have Abbey get an X-ray to check. So we did and thank you Lord she does not have it. I took this picture when we got the call saying she didn’t have it.

20140503-093234.jpg Also he noticed her slight torticollis and recommended we go to physical therapy. So we have had 2 appts this month and have another on this week but she seems to be improving and I can already notice her head becoming more round and less flat on the side. Yay!

My Favorite
My favorite this month probably was the blue bonnet pictures.

Or letting them feel the water at Hamilton Pool. It’s so fun to watch them experience new things. I love it.


Weekly Pictures






Favorite Pictures

20140503-093730.jpg We ran our first family 5k.

20140503-093826.jpg My husband made this awesome meme which is totally true of this little stinker Harper Grace

20140503-093926.jpg They love taking baths in their new sunflower bath.

20140503-094015.jpg They love their new playmat.


20140503-094128.jpg My Harper Grace can make the most hilarious faces.


20140503-094305.jpg Hamilton Pool.

20140503-094358.jpg Abbey loves sucking on her toes.


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