9 month update

Abigail Lynn
Weighs 19lb 11 oz

Harper Grace
Weighs 20 lb and 7 oz

Harper has taken back her weight advantage.

What the twins are wearing
It’s a little bit crazy to me that my 5lb tiny babies are now 9 months and barely squeezing into some 12 month clothes. They still fit in most 12 month clothes but some are already getting too tight.

The babies are now eating three meals a day and nursing 4-5 times a day. A typical day of twin eating goes like this.
6:30 wake up and nurse
8:30 breakfast usually eggs and cut up peaches or banana
10 nurse and nap
12 lunch usually puréed fruit
2:30 nurse and nap
5:30ish dinner usually puréed fruit or veggie
6:30 nurse and bedtime

They LOVE eggs! They love feeding themselves. And they tried turkey this month and they seemed to like it. I gave them some tiny pieces of turkey at whole foods and they ate it so that’s a start.



Babies are still going to bed around 6:30 and waking up in morning around 6:30 and Harps is still waking up atleast once a night to nurse. They also are still taking 2 naps that are usually only 30 minutes longs. Around 10 and 2 each day.

They both love crawling to daddy when he gets home from work in the morning. And they love crawling around and chasing each other. Harps loves pulling her self to stand on pretty much everything.

IMG_9471.JPG this is when she crawled over to me pulled herself to stand and gave me a big ole kiss. I melted in a puddle on the floor.
Abs loves army crawling. And she is fast. She can chase Harper around the kitchen like nobody’s business.

Abbey has a new tooth so that means Abbey has three on top and two on bottom and Harper has four on top and two on bottom. This month we took the girls to California for the first time. It was awesome because we took them to our favorite places and to see our family and friends. They experienced their first plane ride and did surprisingly well. (I think the most important thing was we tried to stay calm and not stressed so that the babies would stay calm) Also we took the babies to the beach for the first time!




This month the challenge was traveling. Even though the babies did great, I struggled with being off our regular schedule. I am a person who loves schedules and routine so traveling with twins was a bit of a challenge to balance trying to keep a bit of routine but allowing for the fun and unscheduling that comes with traveling.

My favorite
My favorite from this month would be going to California although it was a challenge it was also very wonderful. So many close friends from California saw me get all the way to my third trimester before we moved and hadn’t yet met the twins so it was such a joy to reconnect with friends and for them to meet the girls. Also it was so wonderful to show the girls new experiences like the beach and flying I feel so blessed to be able to give the girls these experiences.

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