Twins first food.

The babies have been interested in our food for a few weeks, so I did some research and we decided to try and give the babies their first food. We decided avocado. So I mixed some avocado with breast milk and we gave it to the girls. Abbey couldn’t get enough and would cry while I was giving Harper a bite. And Harper kept trying to grab the spoon out of my hand and feed herself. They both loved it and did a much better job eating then I was expecting. Pictures are worth 1000 words so here’s a bunch of pictures.

20140314-191711.jpg Before

20140314-191757.jpg Abbeys first bite

20140314-191849.jpg Harper trying to feed herself

20140314-191940.jpg Abbeys loving it

20140314-192027.jpg So happy

20140314-192113.jpg “here sis you got a little on your cheek”- Harper




20140314-192301.jpg Avocado face Abbey

20140314-192341.jpg Avocado face Harper Grace



4 months old

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 14 lb 1 oz

Harper Grace
Weight 14 lb 8 oz

What the twins are wearing
Even though the babies have only gained a pound and a half since last month I swear they are so much chubbier. They are wearing 3 months and 3-6 month clothes.

The babies still eat about every two hours during the day. If I’m feeding them to put them down for a nap or at bedtime I feed them both at the same time other wise I just feed them one at a time whenever they are hungry. At night they eat about 3 times each.

A week ago we started putting the babies on a schedule. Not a strict schedule but basically what we do is a two hour schedule. Once they wake up they nurse and then we snuggle and they watch me make breakfast, we sing songs, and play and after they have been awake two hours I feed them again and put them down for a nap and Harper generally will sleep about 45mins- 1 hour and Abs will sleep anywhere between 1-2 hours. If Harper wakes up and Abbey is still asleep sometimes I will nurse Harper so she will fall back asleep so they stay on the same schedule. So we do that schedule throughout the day and then around 6:30 or 7 the babies start getting tired so we do the bedtime routine of dim lighted room, fresh diapers, clean pjs, sing a song, sound machine, nurse, then put in their rock and plays. For about 3 weeks the babies would wake up and cry when we put them down in their rock and plays so I would pick one up and feed and rock them back to sleep and then the other one would wake up so I would feed and rock her back to sleep and this would go on back and forth for about 2-3 hours. So starting a week ago we decided after they nursed and we put them down we would let them cry it out. I know many people are against this and honestly I feel you have to do what works best for you and your babies and for us that has been working wonderfully. The first night they cried for an hour and half the second night the cried for an hour the third night they cried for half an hour the fourth, fifth night they cried for 15 minutes the sixth night they cried for 5 minutes and last night they didn’t even cry at all. It has been truly what is best for all of us. Harper normally wakes up around midnight to eat and then again around 3am and 5am and 7am. Abbey usually wakes up around 2am and then 4am and 6:30am. And they babies will wake up, eat for about 10 minutes but fall right back to sleep and I put them right back in their rock and plays.

The babies still love their activity mat. They still love looking at each other. They love holding hands. They love sitting in their bumbos. They love when we sing songs. They love their Sophie the giraffe. And they love when daddy comes home from work.

The babies have learned how to grab things and put them in their mouth, especially their Sophie the giraffe, or my fingers. Harper has found her feet and loves holding and playing with them. Harper also has a tiny tooth poking through her gums. They are also doing really well practicing sitting up I have a feeling they will be sitting up on their own soon.


The challenge this month was letting the babies cry it out. It’s so hard to let your baby cry but I honestly feel it’s what’s best for them, to learn how to fall asleep and self soothe. Another challenge is that the babies still hate the car, and scream almost every time we drive somewhere. Harper also decided that she hate the stroller too. I think she doesn’t like being contained haha.

My sweet Abbey you are so happy especially when I sing to you. You have the most adorable giggle I have ever heard in my life.


My lovely Harper Grace you are so much fun and you love playing with your feet, even though your cutting a tooth you still have been so content and so joyful.

You have taken a major interest in food and are always wanting what I’m eating.


My Favorite
I’ve decided to add another topic and it’s where I will write my favorite thing of the past month, it could be something we did, something one of the babies did, somewhere we went, etc. So this month my favorite thing was watching the twins hold hands. They do it almost every time I put them next to each other. It makes my heart so full.


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Fav Photos







Family Hike

Taylor and I love hiking. I even did this crazy hard 7 mile hike when I was 3 months pregnant.



When I found out I was having twins I thought it would be a while after having the babies before we could go hiking again. But ever since the babies were about a week old we have been going on family walks and yesterday we went for our first family hike. It was a beautiful hike to one of the most beautiful places, Hamilton Pool near Austin Texas. We had done this hike when we were visiting Austin for my husbands interview back in May, when I was three months pregnant.

20140223-111014.jpg Here’s a photo of when we did the Hamilton Pool hike when I was three months pregnant and then a picture of the same hike yesterday and the babies are three months old.

Yesterday was a beautiful 75 degrees and a perfect day for a family hike.