6 month update

Six months. Six months. SIX MONTHS! Holy cow. How did this happen. My tiny 5 pound babies are now ginormous. I don’t even understand how they are half a year old already. Everyday I thank The Lord for giving these sweet angels to Taylor and I. They are such fun, happy, wonderful, little adventures that I enjoy more and more everyday.

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 16lb 15oz

Harper Grace
Weight 17lb 1oz

What the twins are wearing
The girls are still pretty much wearing size 6 month clothes and also size 9 month clothes. Their growth seems to have slowed down a bit which I know is normal for around this time.

The babies now can go longer than two hours between feedings during the day! Yay! They will go 3 sometimes almost 4 hours in between feedings during the day which makes running errands a lot easier. Also they typically only eat once a night, occasionally twice a night. We still give the one solid meal a day at dinner time. They have either, avocado, carrot, apple, sweet potato, and now I’ve added squash which they aren’t too sure about yet. I still am adding a little rice cereal to help them get iron because I am right on the edge of being anemic and now that they are 6 months they no longer have the supply they are born with.

The babies are still doing the same with sleeping, going down around 6 waking up usually once and then sleeping til about 7-8am. The last couple nights and naps have been a little rough for miss Harper Grace because they are teething and it always seems to effect her more. Poor thing lays in her crib gnawing on the side of it for a good 15-20 minutes before she goes to sleep. She actually gnaws on it any chance she gets.


The babies new favorite thing is rolling around, especially Harper. Abbey is just now figuring it out but it is a lot more work for her because of her torticollis. But Harper can get pretty much anywhere she wants by rolling and pivoting around. They also both love the little dollies my mom got for them for Easter. Thanks momma. And they love reaching for everything. This is taking a while for my husband and I to adjust. We continue to forget and then leave things within their reach, like a full blender that Harper reached and knocked off the counter spilling it all over the floor, and a vase of sunflower and Harper knocked over and spilled all over the floor. Haha. Hopefully soon we will learn. They also love sitting in high chairs when we go out. They love being able to look around and all the attention that they get from everyone around us. And they love when daddy gives them belly kisses.



20140503-093023.jpgBoth girls have two bottom teeth and are cutting some more because the poor things have been so fussy and in pain and gnawing on everything in sight. They can both sit up pretty well but they still sometimes like to fling back so I am always with them. They are both trying to talk but my sweet AbbeyLynn is a total chatterbox like her momma. My guess is that Harper will walk first and Abbey will talk first. They are making all different sounds now. But their favorite is to make the sound like you are gulping for air/ or like a donkey. Haha I don’t know how else to describe it but they will lay in their cribs when they wake up and do this for like 5 minutes. It’s pretty hilarious.

I know I say this every month but this stage is so fun! They are more easily entertained by themselves and with each other so I can lay them on a blanket while I fold laundry, which is awesome. The challenge currently is teething. It’s strange cutting the first two teeth didn’t seem to bother them that much but these new teeth they are getting must be huge because they are miserable poor babies. At our 4/5 month check up the Dr was looking at Abbey’s thighs and noticed one is chubbier than the other. One leg has an extra roll. I literally laughed when he mentioned this but he said it could be a sign of hip dysplasia and recommended we have Abbey get an X-ray to check. So we did and thank you Lord she does not have it. I took this picture when we got the call saying she didn’t have it.

20140503-093234.jpg Also he noticed her slight torticollis and recommended we go to physical therapy. So we have had 2 appts this month and have another on this week but she seems to be improving and I can already notice her head becoming more round and less flat on the side. Yay!

My Favorite
My favorite this month probably was the blue bonnet pictures.

Or letting them feel the water at Hamilton Pool. It’s so fun to watch them experience new things. I love it.


Weekly Pictures






Favorite Pictures

20140503-093730.jpg We ran our first family 5k.

20140503-093826.jpg My husband made this awesome meme which is totally true of this little stinker Harper Grace

20140503-093926.jpg They love taking baths in their new sunflower bath.

20140503-094015.jpg They love their new playmat.


20140503-094128.jpg My Harper Grace can make the most hilarious faces.


20140503-094305.jpg Hamilton Pool.

20140503-094358.jpg Abbey loves sucking on her toes.


3 months old

The twins are 3 months old! For some reason this 3 month birthday is hitting me hard. They are getting so big. Yesterday I had to take all their newborn clothes and put them away because they don’t fit anymore. Someone please slow down time. It’s such a weird feeling, wanting babies to grow and learn and at the same time I try and squeeze them so hard that they can’t get any bigger haha.

Abigail Lynn
Weight: 12 lb 8 oz

Harper Grace
Weight 13 lb 1 oz

What the twins are wearing
Both babies are too big for newborn clothes. They are wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3 month clothes.

For the first 2.5 months I fed the babies at the same time all day and night. But I have now sometimes started feeding them one at a time. I love it. When feeding both at the same time it’s like work. When feeding one at a time it’s like a wonderful bonding experience. So right now I just feed them when their hungry, so if they are hungry at the same time then I feed them at the same time, if one is hungry then I just feed that baby. I do this during the day and at night. Some nights it bites me in the butt because they will wake up every two hours but on opposite hours so I end up feeding one baby every hour, but they are starting to go longer stretches of sleeping at night so it’s fine.

The babies typically wake up around 8am eat, play and are extremely happy and full of smiles for a couple hours. Then around 10:30 they eat again and take a nap. They either fall asleep nursing or we rock them after they finish nursing. During naps sometimes we put them in their rock and plays sometimes we hold them. At this nap they will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then they wake up eat again and are awake for a couple hours then eat and then take another nap, and this pattern continues all day until around 7:30 when we do bedtime routine. We come upstairs change diapers, put on jammies, swaddle, put on sound machine, turn off the lights, nurse babies. The babies ideally fall asleep while nursing and then we put them in their rock and plays, which happens maybe once a week. Usually at least one baby will wake up and need to eat more or be rocked, which can go on for hours. But the nice thing is they are starting to sleep longer at night. Most nights Harper will wake around 3am to eat and Abbey will wake around 5am and then Harps around 6am and Abs around 8am and Harps around 8am too. Having that first long stretch of sleep is super awesome. And they babies will wake up, eat for about 10 minutes but fall right back to sleep and I put them right back in their rock and plays. It’s great!

The babies love their activity mat. They love looking at each other. They love looking at their hands. They love smiling. They love trying to sit up. And love listening to music, either worship music, their mobile music, pretty much anything.

The babies have recently taken a liking to their activity mat. I can lay them down on it and usually they will both be content for about 15-20 which is great for me because then I can use that time to shower or make a smoothie or start laundry. My favorite accomplishment of this month is that they figured out the each other exist. They stare at each other and Abbey always smiles at Harper. They even coo and seem like they are talking to each other it’s so fun!!

I decided to add challenges because Lord knows that with growing and new accomplishments also includes new and different challenges. The last few nights both babies have been really hard to put to sleep at bedtime. It has taken over 2 hours to get them both asleep. I am thinking we might be starting to put them in their cribs and doing Cry it Out pretty soon because something is not working if it’s taking us 2 hours to get them to sleep. Another challenge is that the babies hate riding in the car. There was a couple weeks when they were fine in the car so I thought we out grew the car hatred but it is now back in full force. Abbey cried for over an hour on the way back from a friends house the other day. They get so upset and do that screaming angry cry and by the time we get home their clothes are soaked in sweat. It’s so sad and I wish I knew how to fix it so if you have any advice send it my way.

Here is their weekly pictures:







My sweet, content, patient Abbey Lynn with her adorable smirk smile


My spunky, picky pants, determined, incredibly joyful Harper Grace had the most excited full face smile you will ever see

20140202-202041.jpg she does it 100 times a day but as soon as I take my phone out to take a picture she stops. She’s a little camera shy so this is the best picture I have of it.

They are both such good babies and this month being their mom has become so much easier and so much more fun. They are always smiling and cooing and happy, unless they are hungry, tired, or in the car. I love them so much and it’s so fun to see how they are already becoming best friends.


Pregnancy story

The main reason I’m writing this is because I never want to forget a single detail of my pregnancy.

The Discovery
I found out I was pregnant on March 6th 2013. It was a Wednesday evening I had just gotten home from coaching cheer practice and made dinner. After dinner I convinced Taylor that we should go get a pregnancy test, or actually like 5 pregnancy tests. We rushed home and the 20 minute drive seemed to take an eternity. I took the first test, it was the kind that if it showed one line you weren’t pregnant and if it showed two lines you were pregnant. The packaging said it will take three minutes. It was more like 3 seconds. And BAM two lines.
Test number 2…3 seconds go by and BAM two lines
Test number 3…3 seconds go by and BAM two lines

Ar this point we were convinced. We looked at each other and just smiled and kissed and held each other for a minute. Then we started jumping around and dancing with joy and excitement. And then Taylor started singing every country song that talks about having a baby. There are not really words to describe the feeling we had. But here’s my attempt: surprise shock,joy, nervous in love, scared, happy, excited.
It’s been almost a year since that night and I still remember the exact feeling.


The Reveal
We wanted to tell our family all together. Because of difficult schedules we had to wait two weeks to tell them. Holy moly guacamole. You may not know this about me but I am about the worst secret keeper on the face of the planet. Those two weeks were crazy hard. Anyway, one of my art students is an amazing photographer so we decided we wanted to have our photos done and that’s how we would reveal to our family we were pregnant. I am forever thankful for these photos. Thank you Amanda Christine Photography.





So one night once my whole family could be together, we told them that one of my students had taken photos of us and we wanted to show them. We played those photos as a slideshow on the tv. Once the last picture came on the screen my mom and two sisters in perfect unison looked at me, screamed, then jumped up off the couch and tackled me. Then my family, mom, dad, sisters, brother in law, nephew and nieces all caravaned down to my mother in laws house and played the slide show for her. It was a wonderful night, full of insane amounts of joy. I scheduled my first dr apt for when I was 9 weeks and we decided to wait to tell everyone until after my dr apt.

First Doctor’s Appointment
Taylor and I arrive and are called back to the ultrasound room. I lay on the table and Taylor sits in the chair across the tiny room. We were so excited to see the first glimpse of our little baby. The tech asked us a few questions and lathered my belly with that gross jelly stuff. Honestly I don’t remember anything she said because I was just so excited to see the baby on the screen. She put the monitor up to my belly for a second and then took it off. She looked at Taylor and said “you should move your chair over so you can hold her” this made a million thoughts run through my mind, was something wrong? He moved and then she put the monitor back on my belly and pointed to the screen and said “look, there’s two… Your having twins!” My response was something like “hahahaha… What? Wait, what?” We looked at the screen and she showed us what looked like two Lima beans with teeny tiny little beating hearts.

Taylor and I could not stop looking each other and giggling. We were like two kids in middle school when I teacher says poop. Haha. For the rest of the appointment about every two minutes we would look at each other and just giggle. It was almost as though we didn’t know what else to do. Our whole world had just been rocked and we were so excited and shocked. And then we started looking at each other and saying things like “oh that means two car seats” giggle giggle… “Oh that means two high chairs” giggle giggle.

Boys or Girls
At that first dr appointment they were able to tell us that our twins were identical because they share a placenta. Because I was pregnant with identical twins I was considered a ‘high risk pregnancy’ this meant I had to go to the perinataligist every two weeks. Which if you know me, was like telling me I had to eat dog poop. Haha bad analogy but my point is I hate going to the dr. Before I was pregnant I think I had been to the dr once in the last ten years. Anyways it turned out that I loved having to go every two weeks because that meant we got to see our babies up on the screen every two weeks and that Taylor and I would get to go on day dates every two weeks after our appointments. At our 14 week appointment we asked if she could tell if they were boys or girls. She said she was about 70% sure that twin A was a boy and twin B was a girl. After she left Taylor and I looked at each other very confused because the twins are identical so how could she say one was a boy and one was a girl. So we just assumed that they were both boys for the next two weeks til our next appointment. This time I was 16 weeks and we asked if she could tell if they were boys or girls. Both Taylor and I had convinced ourselves they were boys, but she showed us on the screen that they were definitely girls. That was a fun surprise! We planned a gender reveal party to take place two weeks later. (Why did I torture my self with having to keep so many secrets) Anyway we invited family and close friends to come over and wear pink if they thought they were girls and blue if they thought they were boys. We played silly games and ate tastey food.




And revealed we were having girls!

The Research
Once all the craziness settled down I began to do my research. I learned that most twin pregnancies don’t make it past 35 weeks. And that you need to eat a lot more calories, (which was awesome) and that you have to take more vitamins because your growing two babies instead of one. I did endless amounts of reading. I’m the kind of person that has fear of the unknown. I like to know everything a possibly can about something that way I know what to expect. But that’s not really possible with pregnancy, especially twin pregnancy. Everyone’s experience is so different, there really is no way to know what to expect. So I just had to trust God that everything would be fine.

The Rest
The first trimester certain smells made me really nauseas and every day at 11am I was nauseas. But I was incredibly blessed I never really had morning sickness. I was teaching and coaching but every Saturday I was so exhausted I pretty much stayed in bed all day. By the second trimester I was feeling pretty good again. But by the third trimester, we had moved to Texas in the summer heat, and I was huge and uncomfortable. But I was determined to defy the statistics of a “typical” twin pregnancy. My goal was to make it atleast 36 weeks and to vaginally deliver two happy healthy babies who didn’t have to go to the NICU. According to the research I had done this was a lofty goal. But I prayed like crazy that it would be Gods will for me to reach these goals. And what an amazing God we serve. At 38 weeks, I vaginally delivered two happy healthy babies who never had to leave my side. I am so insanely grateful. And I know I am truly blessed that everything went so smoothly.


Soon I will write the twins birth story, I promise.

Sorry this is a little lonnnngg. Like I said I just want to have this written down so I remember it all and maybe one day I can read it to my girls.