Love is…

A few blogs I read are listing what love looks like in their marriage. So I thought I’d join in. There is no way I could include everything so I decided to do 5 things I do to try and show my husband love and 5 things he does that show me love. I would love to do this each year and see which stay the same and which change as our life changes. (Hopefully the babies will be sleeping through the night by next valentines day.)

1. Let him sleep all night while I wake up with the babies

2. Take the babies downstairs so he can sleep in and make him coffee and breakfast on his days off

3. Try and be interested in his hobbies like video games

4. Send him love notes and texts

5. Tell him I love him multiple times a day


1. Always kisses me when he gets home and before he leaves

2. Prays with me every day and always thanks God for me and the babies

3. He is silly and playful with me, like he picks me up over his shoulder and fun things like that

4. He tells me I’m a good mom and that he appreciates me, and cute little things like he has a crush on me

5. He is amazingly helpful with the babies and tells me to take naps when it’s been a hard night

In what ways do show each other love??? I would love to hear.


Valentines Day 2014

I love love. I love being in love. I love showing my love. I love people showing me their love. I love it all. So naturally I would love Valentines Day. This Valentines day was extra special because I now have three valentines.

My wonderful husband:


And my sweet baby girls:


This was Taylor and my 8th Valentines Day together, but our first Valentines with children. We celebrated the day before. He loves to surprise me. He got me beautiful red roses and he told me to be ready to leave by 3:45pm. My awesome mom came over to watch the babies and we headed out the door. He took me to froyo and to Target and told me to pick out some new clothes! swoon Target is the way to my heart. It was awesome. And then he made reservations at our favorite restaurant. Where we got a lovely dinner and the yummiest dessert. Yes we got froyo before dinner and then still got dessert. Target and sugar are the way to my heart.

What a wonderful husband.

This is right before we headed out the door. (PS I love when Taylor dresses the babies, he picked out Abbeys outfit)

I love my husband more today than the day I married him. I love my sweet baby girls. I love my life. I am so blessed.

Happy Valentines Day!!