Twins first trip

We have two big trips this summer, a week in California and a week at a lake in New Hampshire for my husbands family reunion. So we thought it would be a good idea to take a “practice” trip. Taylor and I love going on vacations so we figured we should start getting the girls used to traveling while they’re young. Some of you probably think we are nuts for taking 6 month old twins on a trip but hey to each his own, right? Anyway we decided we were going to go camping with my parents in the hill country but my husband noticed there was going to be huge storms so we changed plans to stay at the river walk in San Antonio. We had such a great time. I went not knowing how the babies were going to do. They have only ever slept at our house, and for the last month and a half they have always had a nightly routine and slept in their cribs so I was expecting it to be a struggle for them to go to bed and was expecting to be up many times through the night. But they did awesome! We brought their food and sat on the floor in the bathroom and fed them and then did lotion and pjs and then nursed them and put them in seperate pack and plays and Abbey was asleep instantly and Harper fussed for less then ten minutes and fell asleep. And they slept just like they do at home. I was amazed. Such a relief to know they will do well on our big vacations.



20140512-185916.jpg On Our Way!


20140512-190015.jpg Playing in the hotel.

20140512-190108.jpg The Alamo

20140512-190147.jpg My parents stayed with the sleeping babies so my husband and I could walk the river walk and get dessert. Swoon.

20140512-190350.jpg Abbey trying lemon for the first time.

20140512-190429.jpg Oldest Catholic Church in America.

20140512-190544.jpg Riverwalk.

20140512-190622.jpg River boat tour.